Ultimate Strength and SERV – Sept 20th



Open to the public.  Invite your family and friends.
Meeting at — North View Jr. High School

5869 69th Ave North, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

Ultimate Strength
Ultimate Strength


Jeff Warner is a living story of child abuse and poverty. He overcame adversity to become a professional boxer and wrestler; and achieved the “American Dream” at the age of 20. Despite his financial success he had no purpose. He tried to fulfill his emptiness with the high of drugs and alcohol. This only clouded his vision more and created false promises. Eventually Jeff lost his identity and his boxing career. He was left with no other choice but to move home to Minnesota. On the verge of ending his life, Jeff was introduced to Jesus Christ by Jennifer Bronson.

Jennifer later became Jeff’s wife and the two have been married for 20 years and have four boys of their own.

As a family, the Warner’s are dedicated to their father’s biggest fight of his life against the worldly evils that tempt and destroy millions of lives throughout the world. Jeff speaks with compassion about his conversion with a message of HOPE, RESTORATION, and REDEMPTION.



“I’ve always felt comfortable around youth ministry. When I was saved, I naturally wanted to get involved. At the same time, I prayed and sought God continually for my specific role. As I grew in my walk, so did my heart for the teens. In my teenage years I was exposed to an abundance of music. During my experiences growing up, I witnessed the great effect it had. After I began my relationship with the Lord, I gave up music as a god in my life. Over time I just knew without a doubt, that music would be my tool to reach the youth of today.

With a right heart and renewed mind, I began.


I use music, mostly Hip Hop (Rap), to present the gospel. These songs have lyrics that are filled with the Word of God, personal testimony, and encouragement to know and share Christ. My heart is to see young people rise up with such boldness and excitement that they can’t help but share their faith.

I don’t aim to conform to the world but to set a standard in the presentation of the gospel musically.

I have two main purposes for this ministry:

*  To bring the good news of the gospel to the lost in an interesting and unique format.

*  To teach and encourage the church to do the same. To be stirred up and go out to be a bold witness for Christ.”