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10:00 AM — 09/24/17
Pastor Marianna Bauer preaching on: “Taking Emotional Responsibility”

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10:00-11:30 AM Sunday Service
Nursery — Every Sunday Morning
Children’s Church Today — (2nd, 3rd & 4th Sunday mornings)
Corporate Prayer Tonight — 6 PM – at the Fix Home

1 Peter 3:8 (Message Bible)
Summing up: Be agreeable, be sympathetic, be loving, be compassionate, be humble. That goes for all of you, no exceptions. No retaliation. No sharp-tongued sarcasm. Instead, bless—that’s your job, to bless.
You’ll be a blessing and also get a blessing.

Rom 12:17-19 (Message Bible)
Don’t hit back; discover beauty in everyone. If you’ve got it in you, get along with everybody. Don’t insist on getting even; that’s not for you to do. “I’ll do the judging,” says GOD. “I’ll take care of it.”

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