03-22-20 SUNDAY CHURCH SERVICE Today — you pick the time


This morning we are all having church in our individual homes since the place we rent from is closed for two weeks.

I sent out to our church Body a couple of links to listen to with your family or yourself. Then take time to pray for our president, nation, family and church family.

In case you did not receive my email — I have posted the links below. Rick Renner’s teachings go in line with what I have been preaching on (Healing – spirit/soul/body) and what Pastor Marianna recently taught on (damaged souls). If you only have time to listen to one — for sure listen to “Logical & Illogical Strongholds”.

Rick Renner’s main TV archive —

Here are the links to listen to. They are each about 25 minutes long. You can skip through the intro part on the books he has available, etc.

What is a Stronghold?

Weapons to Demolish a Mental Stronghold

Logical & Illogical Strongholds

How To Help Others Get Free From Mental Strongholds

We will see what next week will bring. But we have now ordered what we need to shoot live video. So, next week we will have an LAC video if we are still under the recommendation to ‘social distance’.

We love you all and we are only a phone call away if you need prayer or counsel. Pastors Tom & Shelley