Hi Church Family —

We are still advised to “shelter at home”. We will let you know when the building we are renting is open again.

This Saturday we will be video taping our 2nd church service.

This coming Sunday is the first Sunday of the month or Communion Sunday. So have juice & bread ready to take communion with us.

This Saturday, we will also be video-taping our weekly Bible class — “The Comforter Has Come — The Role of the Holy Spirit” which we will be ready to start posting next week.

Jesusa Williams was able to teach the first class before the building was closed.
• Class #1 – The Role of the Holy Spirit

Below are the classes that we will be putting up online until we are able to meet face-to-face again!

• Class #2 – Following the Leading of the Holy Spirit
• Class #3 – Consequences of Ignoring the Holy Spirit
• Class #4 – Holy Spirit Empowered – Supernatural Ministry

The main purpose of class: To continue our study of the many aspects of Ministry and to help build a solid foundation of understanding the Ministry of God that has been set before us.

I send the links to our YouTube sermons in an email on Saturday night. I will also send next week’s Bible study video links in an email.

Remember that the church building is NOT the CHURCH.

God tells us that as we unite in prayer — HE will HEAL our land!