02-26-23 & 03/05/23 ~ SUNDAY SERVICES — 10 AM

I am posting the next two week’s Sunday service information.


February 26, 2023

Pastor Keith Williams

preaching on

 “The Orca, the Dolphin, and the Shark”

Mathew 5:5 (KJV)  “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”
Meek does not mean weak.
Meek means submitting to a higher authority and allowing yourself to be led. Meek means not looking at your strengths and trying to impose your way. – Pastor Keith Williams


March 5, 2023

Pastor Carlos Vargas

preaching on – “The Prodigal” (Luke 15:11-32)

Communion Sunday — Sandy Vargas will be sharing
The word PRODIGAL means wasteful.
This story covers the downward slide of a young man that led to his personal ruin and the upward climb which led to his reconciliation with his father. – Pastor Carlos Vargas


9:20-9:50 am    Pre-service prayer
10:00-11:30 am  Sunday Service
10:30-11:45 am  Little Acts Church (5-12 years) — Next meets ~ 2/26 

6:00-8:00 pm — Corporate Prayer — Next meets ~ 2/26 – 6 pm 
Meeting at Jill’s home.
If you need directions, call 612-living3 (612-548-4643)


Sunday – Feb 26, 2023
“The Orca, the Dolphin, and the Shark,” Pastor Keith Williams
1. Offering Message, Jill Almquist
2. “The Orca, the Dolphin, and the Shark,” Pastor Keith Williams
Sunday – March 5, 2023
“The Prodigal,” Pastor Carlos Vargas
1. Offering Message, Pastor Marianna Bauer
2. Communion Message, Sandy Vargas
3. “The Prodigal,” Pastor Carlos Vargas

SUNDAY SERVICES MEETING AT:The Champlin Ice Forum, 12165 Ensign Avenue
(North 169 – turn left at 120th Ave. — at the Holiday station.
It is located next to Lifetime Fitness)

Please use the side door on the right of the building

Phone: 612-living3 (612-548-4643)
Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/livingactschurchmn